Brett Tuley
Denver, Colorado, United States of America
  • C. 5+ years.

  • Hi! I'm a UX researcher and product manager. I spent some time as a Chinese Translator in the Army National Guard and have always been into language and cultural exchange.

    My market surveys suggest two things that seem to be missing with other language products. One is that people learn a foreign language because they want to connect with other human beings and they quit when they don't see themselves reaching that goal. How can we make that part of the very first lessons?

    Second is that the process of memorizing vocabulary is tedious and disheartening. Can we use a different business model for game based learning to help students over this hurdle?

    I've done some market research and collaborations with langage teachers and professors researching AI/ML applied to intelligent tutoring applications and I have some ideas that I would love to test and iterate on with a developer cofounder.

    I am not a developer. The system seemed to make me put in a computer language to save my profile. I put "C" for Chinese.

    I'd love to talk with you :)

  • Experience Language

    To the platform goes the spoils.

    Many industries have been disrupted by platforms that help people democratize and monetize content creation or services, for example, YouTube, Uber, Coursera, Teachers Pay Teachers, Netflix.

    The language app industry remains to be disrupted. DuoLingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Pimsluer etc. codevelop content and technology and therefore have not reached the kind of scale that could be possible with a platform.

    I have some validated market research for a market entry point creating a platform for Vloggers to help their students review vocabulary and grow learning tools from there with AI based intelligent tutoring technology. Would love to have a developer help me build out an MVP and if successful grow into a full fledged platform to help content creators and learning game developers monetize their content and products.

    Current progress to day is market research, academic research into advance AI based tutoring technologies, collaborations with language teaching professors for an effective pedagogical approach, and some partnership development with potential content creation partners.

    Skills needed are web development for cross platform applications, as well as AI/ML and ability to create auto data labeling schemas. Doesn't have to be the same person. I may have PhD candidate who can cover the AI/ML portion if we can find a web developer/CTO to join us.


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