• golang. 3 years.
  • reverse engineering. 5+ years.
  • program analysis. 5+ years.
  • malware analysis. 5+ years.
  • full stack. 5+ years.
  • security. 5+ years.

  • Security researcher with an addiction to development. Worked in malware analysis, security audits, security R&D, and software engineering (at Google). Side projects are my hobby, hope to one day actually make one a business :)

    Currently working on https://ghostwrite.codes a WebRTC application for instructors, and https://cybering.cc free security course on YouTube.

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  • commented on Poker Application

    What skills do you bring?

    I have started working on something like this in Go. Lost interest in it due to all the regulation around online gambling.

    What is your monetization model?

    Do you handle the money for bets?

    Considered using cryptocurrency?

    I'm not too hot on Django…