Scott C Krause
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • JavaScript. 5+ years.
  • Go. 1 year.
  • WASM. 2 years.
  • SQL. 5+ years.
  • C++. 5+ years.

  • I craft high-fidelity prototypes and then build responsive, accessible, and aesthetically delightful microinteractions. I produce and advocate for optimized, asynchronous, reactive, functional, testable, and future-proof TypeScript and JavaScript. Revered for due diligence and attention to detail. In my roles I've enchanted the user experience for Abbott Molecular, CDW, Hyundai, Salesforce, and Sears.

    I ignite and deliver enchanted user experiences. I design wireframes, prototypes, personas, micro-copy, and user stories that provoke buy-in and drive consensus. I am very good at this. Stakeholders trust me to develop a deeper understanding of the end user. I don't design systems that they want, people don't know what they want. I design applications that they need. I build solutions that learn and anticipate problems before they happen.

    I have a vast array of new emerging technology solutions just waiting for a problem to solve. I've done incredible things with service workers and web assembly. I can make a web app work off-line. I can make a web app behave like a native app. I can run a web app outside of the browser. I can communicate directly from a web app to an attached USB or Bluetooth device. I can run some of the most powerful encryption logic in the browser without JavaScript. I can make a web app fast, very fast.

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