Ottomatias Peura
Helsinki, Etelä-Suomi, Finland
  • voice. 2 years.
  • speech recognition. 2 years.
  • natural language understanding. 2 years.

  • I'm working for Speechly, a startup building next-generation developer tools for complex voice user interfaces. Apply for access to our private beta!

It's looking empty in here
  • commented on Customizable personal dashboard and startpage

    Hi! This looks interesting! Would you want to add voice functionalities to this? It could be cool to be able to change images with voice, show new news items, search, show calendar etc by only using your voice?
    Check out if that sounds fun and I can onboard you to our tool
  • commented on Building a food delivery app. Need an experienced back-end developer.

    Hi! In case you'd be interested in using voice user interface for this, check out Speechly. Our technology has already been used for this kind of service and it works great for both groceries and meals.
    Check out and sign up to get access among the first!
For any questions or bug reports, you can find me on Twitter