Customizable personal dashboard and startpage

Hi all!

I've been working on a dashboard web app as my side project for some time now. The goal is to have a dashboard with modules like clock, weather, todo tasks, bookmarks, calendar, etc. The user should be able to view all important information on a single page.

Why build yet another dashboard app? Most popular apps are neither open-source nor customizable to a degree I'd like it to be. Additionally, most open-source projects seem to be outdated. A new project is also a great opportunity to learn new concepts, patterns and libraries. I have been blogging about my progress from day 1.

This project is not meant as a startup, nor do I have any plans to monetize it, yet (although I don't rule it out). I would like to collaborate with others to move the project forward. Anyone is welcome!

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For any questions or bug reports, you can find me on Twitter