Full Stack/DevOps for SoundStage.fm (future CTO?)

Hey guys, I'm the founder of www.SoundStage.fm, a company that's building products and services centered around virtual performances, a new concept that makes it possible for artists to perform for events anywhere in the world without the need for travel.

Virtual performances are conducted by way of a specialized videoconferencing solution we've developed, which allows artists to connect remotely to any event, interact with audiences, and perform just as if they were physically present.

This new paradigm offers an alternative approach to live music that comes with a wealth of advantages, and exciting new possibilities for the entire ecosystem.

I'm looking to incorporate an ambitious, seasoned full-stack developer that's proficient in PHP (Laravel framework), JavaScript (VueJS/NodeJS), and infrastructure (AWS).

Ideal candidates are passionate about electronic music, and the possibilities of using telecommunications to create new forms of interaction and entertainment at a global scale.

This is a paid position, offering an opportunity to form part of an exciting startup whose core product and technology has already been proven and market tested, and includes the prospect of co-founder equity.

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