Let's build something awesome, let's redefine how developers organize outside of the formal workplace.

Hey I'm a developer that loves collaborating on software with other devs so I've been contributing to building a platform that lets devs discover software projects, and build/ship them together. My little spiel for this is that devs more than ever want to create and define their own path through software. Whether that means writing open source software or starting a software business - and the truth is if you have a big vision as a developer it can't be done alone. I think most of us come to that realization at some point or another. So how do we organize outside the formal workplace? How do we find our counterpart or a solid team we can collaborate with long-term that share the same goals? I don't have a good answer to this but one idea is that we make an effort to work with devs on multiple projects to help us build that crucial relationship needed in long-term partnerships. So I'd like to help enable that for developers.

A bit about me - like I said I'm a dev. Worked professionally writing software at Microsoft and now write my own software. If you want collab with me find my email on github https://github.com/roymoran. If you'd like to contribute to this platform or want me to send you updates about the progress send me an email. Find one of the project repos here https://github.com/projectunic0rn/pub.

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