Looking for a rep/partner for software development

We are a small group of programmers based in South America that can produce custom made software, specializing mostly in development for Web - iOS - Android, but not limited to that. Our goal is to grow into a dev factory that can handle many projects at the same time.
We are interested in locating a representative in the US and/or Europe to capture clients and manage negotiations on our behalf.
The profile of the person we are looking for is someone with a good knowledge of IT and the basics of how the flow of an application works to have the confidence to negotiate with the potential clients and realise what their actual needs are. 
Ideally someone who is already involved with IT sales and has the ability to offer development to existing clients, or contacts with the potential to capture clients.

If you are interested in the prospect, please do not hesitate to contact me, after initial contact we can discuss commissions and the like.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, looking forward to talking with some of you.

Best regards,


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