Looking for Programmer to get MVP of Family Memorial Site

The Plan

Looking for a scrappy, empathetic programmer/engineer to help build out the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a family memorial site for my father and grandparents who passed away. 

This is a paid endeavor. ($1,000.00-$5,000.00 range.) 

The immediate goal is to create a memorial website for immediate family to use that is better and more robust than current options on the market.

If the website is useful for others, the plan is to pursue funding and seeing if a small to medium business could come out of it. If it is to become a business, the goal isn't to become the next Facebook or whatever, but to do good in the world and provide a few jobs without losing money on the deal. Again, big if and that's not the immediate goal. 

There is a portion of the front end laid out (a sort of skeleton of the site). Currently working on setting up a database schema.  

After figuring out how to do web development, and going through 3-4 different designs, I've landed on a trajectory that I'd like to pursue (and pay money for!). My free time has become dramatically reduced with the birth of my son, and at this point, I've been working on this project off-and-on for ~5 years and I just want the MVP done!

The Stack

Front End
React + Redux

Back End
NodeJS + Express

As you can see, I'm looking for enough to get it done as well as something I'm somewhat familiar with (Javascript). Open to suggestions, but I'd like to be able to contribute along the way without the code getting too complicated.

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